Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is film photography cheaper than digital photography?

The real cost of serious digital photography?

You often hear that digital photography is so much cheaper because you do not have to buy film. But, I have a friend who is a very serious photographer. About 18 months ago he bought what was then the top of the line Nikon camera, a Nikon D2X, which at the time was going for about 4000 USD. Then, the D3 came out recently and he got that, for around 5000 USD. I have seen D2Xs now in good used condition in the 1200 USD range. For the price difference I could buy a LOT of film. How long will it be until D3's are in turn replaced?

I have film cameras that are 40 years old. I can put the newest films in those old cameras and take as fine a picture as I could with the newest film cameras loaded with the same film. With digital photography the camera is the film. If you want to upgrade your digital film you must upgrade your camera.

So, I started wondering, is digital really cheaper?

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