Friday, August 12, 2005

Is it good SJSU does not host blogs?

The more I blog the happier I am that my university does not have a blogging solution. If SJSU did have such a solution, I may have been tempted to host my blog on the domain It is the difference between having a conversation about my job and having a conversation as a mouthpiece of the university. What I write is my own unfiltered opinion about what I do and where I work. The words I write are mine and are not subject to filtering by my boss or the institution where I work. I think this gives me more credibility. Hosting my content off the campus where I work is the price I pay for freedom of speech. The more I ponder this the more I think our university having a blogging solution may be a big mistake and may be contrary to the principles of cluetrain. Perhaps employees of an organization risk loosing the authenticity of their voice when it is hosted by the organization that pays them.

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