Monday, August 01, 2005

Scoble being hounded by trolls

Robert has been hounded a lot by mean spirited trolls who have been posting to his blog.

I have a rather obscure blog and sometimes wish I wasn't so far out on the long tail. However, after seeing the crap being thrown at Robert I am happy with my obscurity.

I have known Bob since he was a student at SJSU and can say without reservation that he is the real deal. I have never seen him be anything but sincere and passionate about technology and the empowerment that it gives people. Is he perfect? No, but then none of us are. However, I can say he is a far better person than the trolls I see commenting and hiding behind anonymity. If I am "taking the bait" by rising to the defense of a friend and an honest person, so be it.

Please, Blog On Bob!


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