Friday, August 19, 2005

Lets use SJSU Technorati tags

I have started using "sjsu" (no quotes) as a Technorati tag. I only use this on blog postings about San Jose State University. The syntax for this is to include this code into your HTML:

<a href="" rel="tag">SJSU</a>

If you do this it will take you to the Tag site located at this URL:

Why do I think this is a good idea? Because then we have one place to see posts about SJSU. This is much better than doing a search on SJSU because authors, by including this code, are telling readers, "this is about SJSU." This is very different from what you find in a search. A search result just says, "this mentions SJSU." Think of this in terms of a conversation (which of course this is.) By doing this we are enabling the conversation about our university to be viewed in one place. Plus, it also has an RSS feed. This is the URL for that:

Technorati Tags:

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