Friday, August 26, 2005

Spartan Daily Letter to Editor

The Spartan Daily ran a story today [Link] singing the praises of the new SJSU On-line Directory. In response to the story I submitted this letter to the editor:

The SJSU on-line campus directory [Link] is a major tool for providing information and support to the university community. It is very important for students to be able to get accurate information about how to contact professors and university staff in order for folks to achieve their academic goals.

Unfortunately, the new directory has some major problems that still need to be resolved. At least one staff person, James King, has continued to be listed up to the time this is being written, even though he died four months ago.

The University Help Desk, the Computer Center, the People Soft Help Desk and Human Resources have been made aware of this issue, but it remains unresolved. Other listings are in the directory list employee names but no contact information.

This must be frustrating for our clients to deal with and, in my opinion, are bad examples of customer service. It is very important that this tool be accurate. We can do better. I am looking forward to having some important improvements be made to our new SJSU on-line directory.

Steve Sloan
Information Technology Consultant
SJSU University Help Desk
Academic Technology

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