Sunday, June 03, 2007

A day of wine tasting in Oregon

Hillside vines

Dundee Hills: Vines on the hillsides
In order to get the drainage they want and to get above the fog the grape vines are planted in the hills around towns like Dundee, Oregon. The wine from this area is wonderful. This is some of the oldest Pinot Noir in this country. We visited four wineries and I recommend two of them. Stoller Vineyards (great wine at a good price point), who's owner Bill Stoller was just on Grape Radio and Archery Summit, a winery that one wine publication called the Rolls-Royce of Oregon Wineries. Unfortunately since the movie Sideways the price of good Pinot has shot through the roof. Archery Summit's best was $120 a bottle to wine club members. We are not joining that club!

We had dinner in McMinnville at a tapas restaurant called La Rambla, it was the first time I have ever had tapas. The food was good, but we had to sit at the bar. The waitress/bartender was very nice but the wine she recommended was not very good.

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