Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Family Matters More

Cousin Deb and I

Connecting with Idaho Family
Today was a total shift from Yesterday. Soon as I left the tracks in Oregon I shifted my focus. Now I am in Boise. My number one priority today is connecting with my Idaho family. My cousin Deb and I went wine tasting at a couple of wineries outside Nampa Idaho. The best was Saint Chapelle Winery, right off highway 55. The other winery was tiny, a private label that sold fruit for some of the local wineries called Williamson Vineyard, located right next to Saint Chapelle. You want bargains, they got bargains, like good cab for less than ten bucks a bottle. This was fun!

After that we went and bought some pepperoni at the meat company in Meridian and then met Deb's mom Dolores and had dinner out. Dolores is the only person who I consider a peer to my parents who is still alive. I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me to be able to spend time with her and Deb and reconnect and to hear stories about my mom and dad.

No matter what your hobbies or your interests are or what your job is. Family matters more.

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