Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Waiting for iPhone 3.0

IPhone at MacWorld SF, 2007

Why my next phone will NOT be an iPhone
Why I am about to buy a Treo!
My next phone will not be an iPhone, but the one after that might be. For me a phone is a tool, not geek bling. Version 1.0 of anything should be considered with great caution and only adopted in dire need. No matter how much a product is tested in the lab, the best way to learn about and improve a product is to put it in the hands of real users. This is true of everything from cars to computers. When purchasing a new car I always try to avoid any new models or new body styles. With computers, how many times have you heard about new models of laptops having problems like batteries catching fire? Version 2.0 is better, version 3.0 is even better of almost anything.

I also have some possible performance considerations with the new iPhone. Right now I have an aging cell phone (if you consider over two years aging) and several newer model iPods. When my batteries die on an iPod it does not affect my phone. My phone allows the use of multiple batteries. No matter how good the iPhone is, I want a model that I can easily put a replacement battery in. I can do that with my current phone. I cannot do that with most of my iPods. That is their Achillies heel. I don't want that problem with a phone!

I have a Treo at work and really like it. A lot of what I use a portable device for in the field is for taking notes. I can do two finger text input with my Treo. Text input is more important to me than is watching YouTube when I am away from my computer. I want to be able to take content from the field back to my computer as well as take content from my computer into the field. For me, the former is more important than the latter. Easy text input for IM, Mobblogging and Email is an important consideration for me. I am not convinced the iPhone will be a good platform for that.

Great web browsing is an important plus with the iPhone. But, I want to be sure I can subscribe to RSS feeds and podcasts without having to go back and dock to the mother ship. I also want to be able to have multiple batteries so I can take them with me on long trips and have one charging while I am using the other one. I also want to be able to know the thing is time tested and proved to be durable. In other words, I am waiting for iPhone 3.0 or better. Perhaps that is the phone I will buy in a couple of years to replace the time tested and proved Treo I am am about to purchase now. But, only if Apple addresses my issues.

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