Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy in the Blues

Up train at Sago

Railfanning the Blue Mountains
I have wanted to chase trains here for years and years. Yesterday I did. Mid-day yesterday I arrived at Ed and Leslie's. They have a lovely home on a ridge just outside La Grande, Oregon. Ed is a Union Pacific locomotive engineer and he was out on the road. Leslie is also a railfan and so we spent the day chasing trains and exploring the Blue Mountains. The Blues are right around La Grande, and she gave me the cook's tour. Despite the overcast and occasional showers we had a great time and saw some very cool trains. When the sun broke through the clouds for a meet at Sago it was second coming light, unbelievable!

We went to dinner at a truck stop with a great view of the UP main line and I had a very good steak for $11. A very good day.

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