Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bird Flu Preview?

John and Rosa Dancing

How Pandemics Might Spread at SJSU
My wife Sue and I are in a bicycle club of about 1,000 members. Inside that club is a social group of about 30 people, including us. On Saturday the Feb 3rd about 20 of those attended our big annual bike club party and dance. That Saturday night one member of our social group was apparently sick, but she did not know it because she was not yet symptomatic. We all sat together, danced with each other and hugged at the end of the evening. The next day was Super Bowl Sunday this person was not at that party we attended because she was then feeling ill. Monday morning I went to work, but went home sick at 11am. That night my fever was 103. By the middle week a dozen or more of our group were also sick, including Sue and I. I guess if we have a bird flu pandemic this is how it will spread. Imagine if that party had been a big event at the student union on campus and if the next couple days those folks had spread out all over SJSU. The virus would be entrenched before we even knew we had it.

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