Thursday, February 22, 2007

Crime and New Media

Criminal acts on Internet

Creeps who commit crimes and post them
An unfortunate effect of Web 2.0 technologies is that some creeps commit crimes and then post their criminal acts on the Internet. This is mild compared to some stuff that has been put out there. Murders have been posted many times. The acts posted here got a number of comments to YouTube including this comment:

Thanks to all for your comments & support and everyone who contacted us at Metrolink about the video. Good News: The tagger and his partner who videotaped him tagging our equipment were tracked by our LA County Sheriffs and CHP. They were both arrested for felony vandalism. He had a long history of tagging over 30 freeway overpasses in LA and SB counties and is in state prison. The videographer has also been charged and is facing prison as well.

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