Thursday, February 15, 2007

Uses for Second Life

Meeting in Second Life

Business uses of Second Life
It took me awhile to "get" Second Life. Now I see this as being a technology that I think in the long term will dwarf the web (as we now know it) in terms of its potential. I think it is way bigger than anything we have seen yet. In my opinion there are engines that are pushing in this direction, not the least is the spiraling cost of fossil fuel. In my opinion this is what the web will be in ten years. This is web 3.0, or web 3-D. If we can accomplish by virtual presence, what we could only once accomplish by physical presence, imagine the potential in that!

This is another of the wonderful set of short interviews was done by iinnovate, a podcast about innovation and entrepreneurship by students at Stanford. Philip Rosedale, Founder and CEO of Second Life, talks about how Second Life, like many new technologies, started out as a toy and how businesses are starting to find really practical uses for Second Life and where this might lead to.

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