Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Vlog: Today's class

Vlog video here

About today's class
This short video describes the plan for today's class. Basically, this is today's agenda:

Keystone technologies for the Web
Digital Imaging; Photoshop Introduction. Photo editing and sizing non-destructively.

Guest Speaker(s)
SJSU Technology & Emerging Media Club
President: Jessica Drnek, Vice President: Andrew Venegas, Secretary: Kyle Hansen, Treasurer: Sean Gilpin

10 min. Check attendance and new students.
20 min. Guest Speakers discuss new student club
30 min. Presentation on Photoshop
15 min. Break.
40 min. Lab: In class assignment.
20 min. Introduction to Blogging.
10 min. Tour of Academic Success Center

Non-destructive editing with Photoshop. Tools palettes, layers, filters and masks. There is a related assignment.

Adobe Photoshop, Layers, Masking, Filters, Palettes, HTML, Markup Languages, Content Management Systems & Web Design.

Book Discussion
We will discuss the reading the class was assigned.

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