Monday, February 19, 2007

Vista and/or Office 2007 + Adobe Creative Suite

PC Users Note
Those contemplating early adoption of Microsoft Vista and/or Office 2007 on systems that also use the Adobe Creative Suite should read this PDF document from Adobe.

As you read this and contemplate deployment keep in mind there are multiple versions of Adobe's Creative Suite "CS2" out there. The most recent version is CS2.3. Adobe Creative Suite CS2.3 installs Acrobat 8 out of the box. This version is more supportive of Vista than is the previous versions. Still, full support of Vista is not planned until Adobe releases Creative Suite "CS3" around mid-year.

Macintosh Users Also
Macintosh users who have Intel equipped Macs are also not slated to receive full support until CS3 ships as well. Since new computers will be shipped with Vista and there will be a new version of Mac OS coming out at about the same time, Adobe's new Creative Suite CS3 will be important for SJSU for OS and hardware support as well as the added capabilities the software will offer. If planning is your job, you may want to plan your budgets accordingly.

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